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With the permission of Gordon Banks, Owner and Editor-in-Chief of R/C Report Magazine, here are scans of the original DPS article that appeared in the April 2003 issue, as well as the "Spad Report" columns, which had a year long run from August 2003 through July 2004. A big THANK YOU to R/C Report for it's support of Spad, and for allowing us to reproduce that work here for all to enjoy.

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April 2003 cover April 2003 DasPlaStick construction article and flight report.
August 2003 cover August 2003 Introduction, SPAD History.
September 2003 cover September 2003 SPAD Originals, SPAD #1, SPADFEST 2003.
October 2003 cover October 2003 Cutting, Shipping, Scoring/Folding, Hinging, Gluing coroplast. Working with PVC gutter pipe.
November 2003 cover November 2003 Engine, Radio installation. Getting ready for first flight. SPAD Jet by Andrew Coholic.
December  2003 cover December 2003 SPAD Slope Soaring.
January 2004 cover January 2004 Aternative materials for fuselage, wings, tail feathers and spars. Typical yardstick measurements.
February 2004 cover February 2004 Landing gear. Kitchen cutting board engine mounts.
March 2004 cover March 2004 Speedy SPADS: Sickle, Ddust. Square coroplast fuselage. Chris Jumper
April 2004 cover April 2004 Club Combat. The GNAT. SPAD Bad?
May 2004 cover May 2004 The Ultra SpadStick. Large SPADs.
June 2004 cover June 2004 Electric SPADs.
July 2004 cover July 2004 The ESPA3D. Scale SPADs. The CoroCub. SPAD in the classroom. The SPAD Power Pack.


debthumb (15K) These Spads are perfect for training, with flight characteristics equal to those of ARF trainers. Beginners, please enlist the help of a qualified instructor to help you build and learn to fly your Spad!

The Classics

dpsthumb (2K) Spad's first incarnations, which have one thing in common: Simple square gutterpipe fuselages with or without landing gear. Some of our most popular designs are found here!

.15 Size

.25 Size

.40 Size

Spads On Rails

srrthumb (1K)

Simple and durable, the alumnium rail fuselage is a great choice when PVC gutterpipe is hard to find, or even when it's not!


corostangthumb (1K) Here you will encounter fun-scale Spad warbirds guaranteed to turn heads at your field. The building requirements are more advanced, but well worth the effort.

Stick Series

spadstickthumb (16K)The .40 size SpadStick, and the 1/4 scale UltraSpadStick, are masterpieces of Spad design and performance for you sport flying fans who crave a good looking model.

3D, FunFly and Novelty

spa3dthumb (1K)

With the introduction of the Qhor, and eventually the Spa3D and it's variants, Spad took the 3D world by storm.

Beyond STTB

sicklethumb (15K)

Finally, some of the more popular non-original Spads, now offered here for your convenience.


freehingethumb (2K)

A few plans/diagrams of quick simple solutions to common Spad tasks. Some great tips are here.