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Welcome to the new home of the Simple Plastic Airplane Design, or S.P.A.D. Here you will find the plans for many popular Spad designs going back to the "Original" designs. Please note that is redesigned. Look for the old site design at as we recovered the content after we lost the domain name.

We recommended that you visit Spad's main home at to stay current on the world of Spads. All plans and articles are provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. Build and fly Spads at your own risk!! Please read disclaimer!

Spads? Say What?

S.P.A.D. is a concept of R/C plane construction that took off in the late 90's. It focuses on using inexpensive materials found at hardware stores and sign shops in conjuntion with simple construction methods to get you in the air quickly! Oh yeah, and the plans are FREE!

Join the Spad Community

spaworldlogosmall (2K) Our sister site, Spadworld, is the place to be for lively discussion. It's also a huge resource of information. It's the center of Spad activity on the internet. Get over there!

Spad Videos

espa3dthumb (1K) Curious to see how a Spad flies? Take a look at our selection of video clips, many taken at the legendary Spadfest 2004.

The Archives

For over 2 years, the Spad topic at was the main Spad hangout, and it was literally on fire with activity. Over 60,000 posts jammed packed with great info. Thanks to, you can now view these posts in archive form HERE. Research!

Spads in Print

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NEW! From April 2003-July 2004, the subject of S.P.A.D. was in print in a major magazine. With the editor's permission, you can now view all content online free!